DOB: June 28, 1995

Place of Birth: Thomaston, Ga

Mother: Black

Father:  Chocolate

Siblings: Some, hell, I couldn't count back then.  Come to think of it, I still can't.

Owner: Ed (The Old Man as we shall refer to him from now on)

Home: Asheville, NC

Other Places I've lived: Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC

Balls: Uncut. If you've got a bitch for me to meet, I'll be there faster than a cleaning woman on a quarter. Black, Blonde, or Chocolate, I don't care..not getting any younger, you know. Hurry!!!!!

Occupation: Retreiver. You name it, I'l bring it back. In water, rocks, brush, bramble, no problem. I'll do it until my little pads are worn off (really!) Excellent sense of smell and my behavior is impecable.

Hobbies: Hiking, backpacking (I usually carry around 22 pounds), run while the Old Man mountainbikes. Retrieve as entertainment as well as occupation. Gotta love what you do!

Contact: write me at Leethedog@(well, you know what comes next. If you can't figure it out, how did you get here????)

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